M&E building services consultant

BSG has an experienced team of M&E building services consultants providing unrivalled expertise and leadership in this key field to clients around the world.

Highly skilled in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, our team provides value at every stage of a construction project to ensure optimum performance and value for money.

Our M&E building services consultants focus on developments from the initial design stage through the whole process to post-occupancy surveys and ongoing maintenance and consultancy work.

Our consultants will advise on appropriate sustainable M&E systems for a new building or a building refit whether for commercial or residential use, shop, hotel or office space, apartment or luxury home.

M&E advice is available from our consultants to architects, building owners, construction teams, project managers and planners.

Our M&E building services consultants will oversee provide drawings of floor plans, technical specifications on relevant M&E systems, sustainable materials and processes to use and cost-effective solutions appropriate for the building projects in question.

M&E building services consultants are typically required where engineering disciplines are required to operate together for the optimum performance of HVAC, security, fire alarms, indoor and outdoor lighting, drainage and other systems critical for building performance.

At BSG we provide expertise in M&E which helps clients reduce their costs and optimise the efficiency of their systems and resources.

An M&E building services consultant ensures the smooth delivery and operation of all three systems rather than a client working with three distinct companies focusing on each area of work individually.

Our team will ensure your building systems meet international industry standards and are as sustainable as possible in any given circumstances.

BSG’s M&E consultants will advise you on how to implement effective HVAC procedures to curb greenhouse gas emissions, decrease your water usage and use the construction industry best across building design and all mechanical and electrical engineering features.

As M&E systems are best considered at the very outset of a building project, please get in touch today for an initial discussion about your development and how our building services could benefit you.