Effective lighting design can highlight the features of your building project better than many other design tools.

Professionally designed lighting is one of the most significant design tools you can utilise to showcase your building.

And far from being an afterthought once the construction is complete, lighting design should be considered and consulted upon at the very outset when initial plans are being drawn up.

Professional lighting design teams, like BSG, will help draw up plans for light features, locations, switches, systems, functionality and creativity.

Our approach is constructive and creative and we will endeavour to help you bring your project to life through light within budget.

We will help you showcase architectural features, blend interior and exterior spaces through the use of lighting design systems and install a sustainable solution in keeping with your building’s location and purpose.

Our teams work with developers in the residential, retail, hotel and leisure and general commercial sectors.

We will provide initial lighting and CAD plans including fittings, types of light and controls and a technical breakdown of requirements for each room and location around the building.

Once the deign is signed off, our designers will work with your electrical engineers to execute the detailed plan and be on hand to advise and amend plans if necessary.

Regular site visits will be undertaken to ensure the design is effective in practice according to the envisaged use.

As all our design work is bespoke to a client’s individual project, it is common practice for amendments to be made during the construction phase as architectural features are installed.

Our lighting teams will liaise closely with other development project teams to ensure the most efficient and effective system is installed to show your project in its best possible light.

Your lighting design engineer will also be happy to undertake follow up visits once the project is complete to advise on further enhancements and refinement options.

For an initial discussion about the lighting design element of your construction project, please get in touch today and we’ll happily offer advice based on our extensive experience in the field.