M&E commissioning validation

M&E Commissioning Validation

Our team has now launched a new commissioning check service to help clients/building owners to get to the route of problems more quickly.

Focusing on all mechanical and engineering (M&E) building services, we oversee the planning, commissioning, certification, implementation and ongoing compliance with industry standards and codes.

Our specialist teams will manage all steps of the process for clients to make sure industry best practice is adhered to and systems perform at their optimum levels – highlighting any inefficiencies or upgrades required at all stages from design to routine maintenance.   

Whether as an adjunct to an MEP condition survey, building services health check or independent, we will oversee the investigation which could comprise details such as:

  • Airflow measurements to find the source of odours, stuffy conditions, other air quality issues in terms of contaminants.
  • Closed circuit water flows to identify wider heating or cooling issues, noise issues or other performance/environmental issues according to standards and best practice.
  • Thermal measurements to reveal overheating and integrity of switchgear, cables and other relevant building services plant and systems.
  • Pressure measurements to detect blockages, suitable pressure for best practice on public health systems.
  • Lighting level checks associated with the working environment.
  • Noise levels for the working environment.
  • Temperature checks for compliance with codes.

With BSG’s explanation of the findings, we can then follow on with specification of remedial works to correct any deficiencies.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your building could benefit from this service, please contact us today for an initial informal discussion. 

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