Building Dilapidation Surveys

Conducting building dilapidation surveys is a core feature of the work of BSG and our building surveying team.

A building dilapidation survey is required on commercial properties at the end of their lease to assess the condition of the building, its structure and elements of wear and tear.

The survey indicates to the landlord any work needed to bring the building back to its original condition prior to that tenancy.

A building dilapidation survey also indicates if maintenance contracts have been fulfilled by tenants under the terms of their contract.

Commercial properties requiring such a survey include office, retail, industrial or leisure, and premises include offices, warehouses, workshops or leisure facilities.

Areas covered by a building dilapidation survey include mechanical and electrical (M&E) repairs, plumbing and drainage, roof repairs, building fabric, painting and decorating, joinery, windows and glazing.

Our building services team will check the condition of systems including lighting, safety systems, water treatment services and waste management.

The building dilapidation survey will include a summary of the relevant lease obligations, a schedule setting out the breaches in relation to repair, reinstatement to its previous condition and decoration and a proposal on appropriate measures for remediating any breach and an outline of potential costs.

The survey can help landlords hold tenants to account regarding maintenance terms of their tenancy but it can also assist tenants ensue their landlord is not trying to wrongly charge them for repairs already required prior to their tenancy commencing.

As independent providers of building dilapidation surveys, we provide a transparent health check on the state of your building.

With our building dilapidation surveys, you know that you will be receiving a fair, unbiased report designed to keep your premises in their best condition for building health and in line with a structured maintenance programme to keep systems and the fabric fully functional.

If you require a building dilapidation survey for your premises, get in touch today for a quote and make sure you do it ahead of the tenancy expiring.