Building Condition Surveys

A building condition survey provides a current detailed condition of the structure and operating systems of a commercial or residential building.

It details the general condition of the building from a visual inspection, recommends repairs and improvements and lets potential buyers and building owners know possible to repair and maintenance costs.

A building condition survey helps property buyers and sellers and mortgage lenders make decisions about the value of a building.

It also helps architects decide if a building meets the structural requirements for a project and helps engineers identify issues to repair.

A BSG building condition survey will report on structural issues such as foundations, roofs, and walls to ensure that the building or parts of it will not collapse; the state of mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning; electrical systems such as electrical installations, telecommunications, and data transmission for operational use and feature room inspections noting decorations, ceilings, and floor conditions.

Each building element will be inspected and a description provided of its current state and the survey also gives an indication of when future repairs, maintenance, decoration and renewal of each part of the building might be required.

Conducting building condition surveys is a core feature of the work of BSG and our experienced building surveying team and we have undertaken them on properties across the UK throughout our company’s existence.

Our surveys are bespoke to the individual building and client to ensure accuracy and relevance to your property.

With our building condition surveys, you know that you will be receiving a fair, unbiased report designed to keep decision-makers fully updated on a building’s health and in line with a structured maintenance programme to keep systems and the fabric fully functional.

If you require a building condition survey for your premises, get in touch today for an initial discussion and quote.