Building Acquisition Surveys

A building acquisition survey was formerly known as a structural survey required prior to purchasing a property.

A BSG comprehensive building acquisition survey will comment upon both the interior and exterior of a building, looking at issues including any signs of structural movement, dampness and timber decay.

We will inspect all elevations flat roofs, rainwater goods etc., all accessible roof voids, noting roof defects, an inspection of walls and floors and confirmation of foundation design from all available information.

Our building acquisition survey will also look at the drainage and note any recommendations for further specialist inspections or repairs to the property.

BSG will also advise on potential defects associated with the type of construction of similar properties or a building’s age.

A review of any lease arrangement is also included as part of the building acquisition survey.

Conducting building condition surveys is a core feature of the work of BSG and our experienced building surveying team and we have undertaken them on properties across the UK throughout our company’s existence.

With our building condition surveys, you know that you will be receiving a fair, unbiased report designed to keep decision-makers fully updated on a building’s health and in line with a structured maintenance programme to keep systems and the fabric fully functional.

If you require a building condition survey for your premises, get in touch today for an initial discussion and quote.

Our final report will:

  • Advise you on the current condition of your property and identify potential future issues with various structural elements which might need addressing
  • Report on the visual condition and basic operation of service installations
  • Suggest where it might be worth considering further specialist inspections to assess functionality or safety
  • If you require a building condition survey for your premises, get in touch today for a quote.