BSG Hotel Awards – Five star service guaranteed to hotel clients

BSG Hotel Awards – Five star service guaranteed to hotel clients

Five star service guaranteed to hotel clients

So the awards season is well and truly upon us as the travel magazines line up their league tables of top places to stay just as most of us are thinking of packing our bags for a well-earned break this summer.

Naturally, the lists offer endless luxury, elegance in abundance, vistas to fill the pages of Instagram and menus to get the tastebuds working overtime.

But with our hard hats firmly on, we like to look beyond the physical location and soft furnishings and admire the hard work and expertise that has gone into creating the ambience, the feel of the hotel.

We look at the lighting design that reflects in the critiques highlighting the warmth of the soft lighting as one of the hotel’s welcoming features, the acoustics work that creates that tangible hush as guests relax and unwind away from their daily lives and the clever use of space in what could so easily be a series of square box rooms, transforming them into stylish suites and guestrooms.

We are fast becoming go-to consultants for high end hotel companies around the world as the non-stop refurbishment programmes gather pace in the race to top the travellers’ must-see destinations.

BSG has worked with some of the world’s leading luxury hotel chains and independent boutique venues thanks to its eye for detail across the whole construction design and M&E portfolio. Having teamed up with our sustainability consultancy partners and new owners Syntegra Consulting, we are now able to offer even greater scope of expertise across the whole development piece and feel confident we can win contracts for an even more diverse range of roles as hotels seek to enhance their environmental credentials during renovations and relaunches.

Judged on beauty and tranquillity/vibrancy of location, dining options, atmosphere, welcome, standard of toiletries and the overall experience guests can expect, hotels can add sustainability to their checklists as discerning visitors place increasing value on this feature in what’s important to them and where they spend their time and money.

We appreciate this and look forward to sharing our skills and knowledge in this critically important field as leaders in the sector with astute hotel operators and developers keen to tap into this lucrative market.

And maybe next year’s award lists will be detailing some of the behind the scenes green features making hotels a must stay location – good for guests’ relaxation levels and showcasing sustainable building practices too.